Be your best with Productive Recruit

Productive Recruit is more than just a recruiting process management tool — it’s an elevated way to prepare for college athletics. Athletes that switch to Productive Recruit become better prepared for life as a college athlete. They’re more productive and better organized. They communicate better and require less help. And they’re far more efficient in the recruiting process than before. Being better is a choice — choose Productive Recruit.

Every feature in Productive Recruit:

College Research Database

Search and filter colleges with academic and athletic criteria so you can find the best colleges for you.

  • Filter by academic and athletic criteria
  • Colleges from all divisons included
  • Add colleges to your favorite list
  • College match scoring (coming soon)

Online Profile

Create an online resume that you can share with college coaches to build your brand.

  • Add YouTube highlight videos
  • Share your important academic and athletic information
  • Add accolades and references
  • Track how many times your profile has been viewed

Coach Relationship Manager

Send/track emails, add notes, add tasks, and track recruiting activity for every college coach you add to your account.

  • Send emails and save email drafts
  • Get notified when a coach opens an email
  • Create and complete recruiting tasks linked to coaches
  • Add as many notes as you want to every coach

Opportunities Pipeline

Manage your recruiting opportunities in a central platform and create a customized recruiting workflow that helps you visualize where you stand with every college you're being recruited by.

  • Create stages to manage your opportunities
  • Drag and drop opportunities to appropriate stages
  • Update the status of your opportunities to open, committed, or lost
  • Add scholarship information to keep track of an opportunity's value

Email Templates

Create customized email templates to send more peronsalized emails to coaches faster.

  • Use personalization variables to create templates for different use cases
  • Integrated with the coach relationship manager so you can use the templates drop down when emailing coaches
  • Reuse your templates as many times as you want

College Favorites List

Keep track of all of your target schools in one place. No more spreadsheets.

  • Favorite any college you want from the college research database
  • Use smart filters to look through your favorites by certain criteria
  • Rank your favorites colleges (coming soon)
  • Remove favorites at any time


Visualize your most important recruiting process data and activity.

  • Keep track of important metrics like email open rate and resume visits
  • View all your recruiting activity in a timeline view
  • View your top coaches based on your interaction with them
  • View and manage all your incomplete tasks

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