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  • College Search Tool
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Frequently asked questions

Is the Athlete Free account always free?
Yes! Your online profile is always free, and you are free to upgrade to pro at anytime to take advantage of every ProductiveRecruit feature.
Can I pay yearly?
Yes! We give you two months free when you pay for a year upfront. It's $89/year for Athlete Pro accounts and $990 + $10/athlete/year for organization accounts.
Can I get a demo?
Absolutely! We'd be happy to provide a custom demo for your organization or business. Please contact [email protected] or get in touch.
Wait, you're really not going to call me and try to sell me on additional services?
Nope, we will never call! We are just a tech company and don't have any additional services to sell.
Is there a limit to the number of athletes I can add to my organization or reseller account?
Nope! You can add as many accounts as you need. Please contact [email protected] or get in touch.
How does custom branding and white-labeling work?
Organizations can customize the branding of their portal, online athlete profiles, and online team profiles with their brand color and logo. Resellers can do the same, plus create a more white-labeled experience by removing the ProductiveRecruit brand from the platform.
How does organization pricing work?
Organization plans start at $99/mo and are charged based on the number of athlete accounts you need. Any organization with 99 athletes or less is charged $99/mo or $990/year. Each additional athlete beyond that is $1/mo or $10/year. For example, a club with 150 athletes paying monthly will pay $150/mo. A high school with 240 athletes paying yearly will pay $2400/year.
How does reseller pricing work?
Resellers are recruiting advisory firms or other recruiting businesses that resell ProductiveRecruit to their clients at a discounted rate. Learn more about reseller pricing.
Billyle Alman

"ProductiveRecruit has been an amazing tool for our athletes. This service provides a smart and interactive tool that not only makes communication easy but challenges them to be as efficient as possible in their self-recruitment goals."

Billyle Alman
Coach, Michigan Tigers FC

“The easy access to information about the schools and coaches is fantastic. The ability to communicate with our recruits, create workflows, and email coaches through the ProductiveRecruit platform is invaluable.”

Marco Da Fonte
Co-Founder of andGoSports

"Great product! Helps me manage all of my clients in one place. It has replaced my spreadsheets and has streamlined the communication process for my athletes and parents."

Jason Bibler
Founder, Parallel Recruiting Initiative

"Colin has taken our feedback to help student-athletes through the college recruiting journey. He has turned ProductiveRecruit into a tool our guys are thrilled to leverage. We are proud to be a ProductiveRecruit partner and thrilled to introduce the platform to all our student-athletes we work with at the Bedford Agency."

Bryan Bedford
CEO, Bedford Agency

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