Why Choose
ProductiveRecruit vs Sports Recruits?

ProductiveRecruit is the modern Sports Recruits alternative that helps you get recruited for less. With our college coach database, email tracking, and built-in CRM, ProductiveRecruit puts student-athletes in full control of their college recruiting process.

Billyle Alman

"ProductiveRecruit has been an amazing tool for our athletes. This service provides a smart and interactive tool that not only makes communication easy but challenges them to be as efficient as possible in their self-recruitment goals."

Billyle Alman
Coach, Michigan Tigers FC

“The easy access to information about the schools and coaches is fantastic. The ability to communicate with our recruits, create workflows, and email coaches through the ProductiveRecruit platform is invaluable.”

Marco Da Fonte
Co-Founder of andGoSports

"Great product! Helps me manage all of my clients in one place. It has replaced my spreadsheets and has streamlined the communication process for my athletes and parents."

Jason Bibler
Founder, Parallel Recruiting Initiative

Sports Recruits was a great start, but ProductiveRecruit is making the College Recruiting Process even better.

Sports Recruits is a great company and has built a solid recruiting platform. Modern College Recruiting Tools like ProductiveRecruit wouldn’t be what they are today without them.

That said, you’re here for a reason. And the fact of the matter is that Sports Recruits is an expensive tool that is missing some key functionality that sets ProductiveRecruit apart.

If all you need is a simple college search tool with a bland online profile, ProductiveRecruit probably isn't the best fit for you. But if you care about providing an enjoyable college recruiting experience to your athletes - one that helps them connect with college coaches and keep track of their progress in an organized fashion, you came to the right place.

So what sets ProductiveRecruit apart from Sports Recruits?

Here are nine ways ProductiveRecruit outperforms Sports Recruits.

College Coach Database

Never search for contact information online again.

College Recruiting CRM

Email coaches, manage tasks, log calls, and add notes.

Email Tracking

See when college coaches open your emails and click on links.

Modern Online Profiles

Customize it and share with college coaches.

Recruiting Task Management

Get notified for overdue tasks so you never forget to follow up.

Create Recruiting Workflows

Partners can generate workflows for their athletes to keep them on track.

Mobile Apps

Recruiting on the go with a mobile first experience. Coming to iOS and Android in the near future.

We keep you motivated

Built-in user scores help keep athletes motivated to make progress on their recruiting journey.

We’re small & scrappy

Get help directly from the founder.


"Colin has taken our feedback to help student-athletes through the college recruiting journey. He has turned ProductiveRecruit into a tool our guys are thrilled to leverage. We are proud to be a ProductiveRecruit partner and thrilled to introduce the platform to all our student-athletes we work with at the Bedford Agency."

Bryan Bedford
CEO, Bedford Agency

Finally, a college recruiting tool that
puts you in full control.

Find your college fit

Find colleges that match your preferences in seconds using our powerful college search. Save your favorites and utilize our match scoring to quickly see which colleges are the best fit for you.

College Search

Connect with any college coach

No more wasting time searching for a coach's email online. Connect with head coaches, assistant coaches, and other staff. There are over 50,000 coaches in our database across 30 sports.

Coach Search

Organize your Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is hard, but it's easier when things are organized. Email coaches, manage tasks, log calls, and add notes. Each college gets it's own process page making it super easy to keep things organized. Think of it like your own recruiting CRM.

Organize Process

Send and track emails to coaches

Send emails to college coaches directly from the platform and see exactly which college coaches are opening your emails.

Email coaches

Note important information

Log notes so that you never forget important information related to your recruiting process with any college.

Add Notes

Stay on top of your recruiting process

Create and complete tasks for any recruiting process to stay organized and on track. We will notify you in app and via email when a task is overdue to hold you accountable.


Market yourself to college coaches

Build a beautiful recruiting profile that you can share with college coaches to expand your recruiting opportunities. You can also download these as PDFs.

Online Profile

Ready to get recruited? Create your free profile today.

Join other future college athletes

ProductiveRecruit is trusted by hundreds of student-athletes. Here a few of them.

  • Giovonni Barron

    Football • 2023

  • Lucas Granata

    Baseball • 2021

  • Zack McRae

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  • Duncan Mathews

    Baseball • 2023

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    Baseball • 2022

  • Daniel Sherman

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  • Anthony Piazza

    Baseball • 2021

  • Avery Jones

    Baseball • 2021

  • Angel Melendez

    Baseball • 2021

  • Sasha Levy

    Volleyball • 2022

  • Justin Bester

    Golf • 2024

  • Eddie Hudson

    Soccer • 2023

  • Heinrich Boshoff

    Rugby • 2020

  • Lawson Kirke

    Baseball • 2022

  • Griffith Opoku

    Soccer • 2023

  • Shae-Lynn Henderson

    Field Hockey • 2020

  • Caleb Matthews

    Football • 2021

  • Snigdha Allada

    Tennis • 2021

  • Tinley Merder

    Volleyball • 2023

  • Daniel Nedav

    Baseball • 2022

  • Real Agu

    Basketball • 2023

  • Jack Pucciano

    Soccer • 2022

  • Cassidy Mckinon

    Rowing • 2022