The All-In-One College Recruiting Toolkit.

Get recruited, faster than ever. Get the platform that's simple to setup and easy to use, with a built-in workflow that accelerates your college offers.

A recruiting workflow optimized to help you get recruited faster.

Less research means more time to contact coaches.

Find college coaches in seconds

Say goodbye to the days of wasting your time searching for a coach's email online. Find college coach contact information within seconds using our powerful search.

  • Real-time search results

    When you update your search, our system displays you the right results instantly.

  • Up to date info

    We refresh our database of coaches as things change making sure you always have the most accurate information.

Effortlessly track every touchpoint

The recruiting process is hard, but it's easier when things are organized. Run all your recruiting communications with clear visibility and context.

  • Complete email conversation visualized

    All emails your send and receive from your Productive Recruit account are automatically synced.

  • Advanced email tracking

    See exactly which college coaches are opening your emails.

  • Task Manager

    Create and complete tasks from any recruiting process page to stay organized and on track.

Stay on top of your recruiting process

Inbox shows you the items that need attention. Once you mark an email or overdue task as read, it will disappear from the list. Everything you do in Productive Recruit is synced to Inbox, making sure you’re on top of your recruiting process.

  • Never forget to complete a task again

    Inbox will display incomplete tasks that are due so that you remember to follow up on time.

  • View new messages

    New emails received from college coaches you are getting recruited by will automatically show up in the Inbox.

  • Spend less time recruiting

    Complete the items in your inbox so you can get back to improving your game and grades.

Other core features

Recruiting email address

Your own personal recruiting email address to use within the platform.

Online recruiting profile

Build a beautiful online profile that you can share with college coaches and download as a PDF.

Log call notes

Never forget what was discussed during a call with a college coach.

See it in action

Learn everything Productive Recruit has to offer in this short video demo.

Productive Recruit has simplified the recruiting process for me and my players... I would 100% recommend Productive Recruit to any coaches, consultants, and players who are looking to streamline their communications throughout the recruiting process!

Shay Haddow
Founder, Alpha Girl Soccer

Productive Recruit is one of the best college recruiting websites I have come accross, and is the main website I use to email coaches and follow colleges I would like to go to. Furthermore, their support is very quick, responsive, and very helpful in the recruiting process!

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