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We are not a recruiting service. Support your athletes through the recruiting process while giving your staff full control to educate your athletes and hold them accountable.

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Why Rush Soccer Club loves ProductiveRecruit

Hear what our happy customers have to say

Josh Tyler

"ProductiveRecruit is the most user friendly recruiting platform that I have seen. The user experience and mobile friendly way our players can quickly sign up really puts it on a different level. Our Clubs and College Coaches that are recruiting Rush players have nothing but incredible feedback."

Josh Tyler
CAP Director / Rush Soccer Club
Sean Cochran

"The outstanding tools that ProductiveRecruit brings together include college search, checklists, team handouts, and player profiles that set it apart from all the other college recruiting platforms currently available."

Sean Cochran
Executive Director, Keystone FC
Billyle Alman

"ProductiveRecruit has been an amazing tool for our athletes. This service provides a smart and interactive tool that not only makes communication easy but challenges them to be as efficient as possible in their self-recruitment goals."

Billyle Alman
Coach, Michigan Tigers FC
Matt Miller

"ProductiveRecruit is an invaluable tool for our student-athletes who have aspirations of playing college soccer. The product is user friendly and the customer service is one of many items that sets them apart from other platforms!"

Matt Miller
Founder and CEO, Kics FC Chicago

We make it easy to support your players through the recruiting process.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the product do the talking.

Monitor Athlete Activity

Drill into the recruiting activity of any athlete, or a holistic view of recruiting activities across your entire club. It's the easiest way to see which athletes are talking to which colleges.

Custom Recruiting Checklists

Create Custom Recruiting Checklists

Setup multi-step recruiting checklists in minutes to keep your athletes organized and on track.

Custom Recruiting Checklists

Assign Individual Notes and Tasks

Provide your athletes extra context and support with personalized notes and tasks for specific colleges.

Coach Notes

Promote your athletes to college coaches

Share your online team profiles with any college coach. College Coaches can easily contact your players, or view more details on their individual profiles.

Online Team Profiles

Print Team Brochures

Print out a PDF of your rosters so you can hand it out to college coaches at showcases. QR codes intelligently link to individual player profiles so coaches can gain more insight on your athletes from their phone.

Printable Team Brochures

Manage all your athletes and teams

ProductiveRecruit makes it easy to manage all your athlete accounts. You can easily create a new account, impersonate any athlete, send invites, or perform bulk actions - all from the athletes tab.

Athlete Management

Showcase your athletes on your website

ProductiveRecruit makes it easy to embed an athlete search or commitment widget on your website, allowing you to show off your athletes to college coaches.

Athlete Management

Access for your entire staff

Provide access to your entire staff and team managers to make managing your account a breeze. Coaches get access to all athlete features and can easily monitor and help individual athletes through the process.

Access for Entire Staff

Organize players and coaches into different spaces

Large club with multiple affiliates? This feature makes it a breeze to organize your players and coaches by club or location. Unlimited spaces included.

Multiple Acounts

Free account migration services

Already using an existing platform at your club? No problem! We will set up your account and migrate all users over for you at no extra charge.

Multiple Acounts

"ProductiveRecruit has been great for our club providing easy access to the tools that our players need for the college recruiting process. Its also a great tool for our team managers on those game day sidelines!"

Jason Braga
Vice President, NEFC

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