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$3000+ $300/team/yearOnly $12/athlete/year after flat fee
For clubs and high schools
One club
25 athlete accounts per team
Athlete accounts for your teams
All club features
Awesome support
Annual discount applied!
$125/monthBilled at $1500/year.
For individual teams
One team
25 athlete accounts
All club features
Awesome support
Annual discount applied!
$20/monthBilled at $240/year
For individual athletes
One athlete account
All athlete features
Awesome support

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- Coach Shay Haddow (Alpha Girl Soccer)

"Productive Recruit is one of the best college recruiting websites I have come accross, and is the main website I use to email coaches and follow colleges I would like to go to. Furthermore, their support is very quick, responsive, and very helpful in the recruiting process!"

- Eddie Bećirović (@eddiebecirovic)

*Note: these are users of Productive Recruit v1. We are currently building v2.

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