Simple and affordable college recruiting software.

Our pricing is simple, you pay for the number of active athlete accounts that you need. If you need more you can upgrade. Pay yearly to get two months free (17% off). All features included.


$19 /month

For individual athletes and parents who are looking to take control of the recruiting process.

Pricing Options

  • $279 (One-time payment, 4 years access.)
  • $189 (One-time payment, 1 year access)
  • $19/month (monthly subscription)


  • Two Online Profiles
  • College Search Tool
  • College Coach Contact Information
  • Unlimited College Favorites
  • Email college coaches
  • Track profile views, email opens, email clicks, and video views
  • All Other Features
  • Dedicated Customer Support
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Starts at

$50 /month

For organizations looking for a turnkey solution to run their college recruiting program.

Pricing Tiers

  • 10 athletes: $50/month
  • 25 athletes: $100/month
  • 50 athletes: $150/month
  • 100 athletes: $200/month
  • 250 athletes: $250/month
  • 375 athletes: $325/month
  • 500 athletes: $400/month
  • Over 500: Contact us


  • Unlimited Staff Members
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Individual Accounts for your athletes
  • All Features
  • Dedicated Customer Support
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Frequently asked questions

What is an active user?
An active user is any user that joined the platform under your account. If an athlete leaves your organization, graduates (etc), you can remove them from your account so they no longer count towards your billable amount. Typically, we recommend you only invite athletes that are at least a Freshman in high school.
Is there a limit to the number of athletes I can invite?
Nope! Feel free to invite as many athletes as you wish. Under our Team Plan, we offer various packages tailored to the number of athletes accounts you need. For every group of 50 additional athletes beyond 500, the cost is $40 per month or $400 annually.
What is a space?
A 'space' is an organizational tool designed to help you manage users and teams effectively. You might find it useful to create additional spaces for different sports or to separate various locations within a large club.
What is the difference between an admin and team manager user?
Admins can utilize advanced features, such as inviting other users, viewing college coach data, and our CRM functionality. Team managers can only view and edit data for their assigned teams, and print out team brochures.
How often is the college coach data updated?
We update coach information every month and email our customers when the update is live. We get our information from college athletic sites to ensure things are accurate.
Can I sign up if I'm not a club, high school, or recruiting service?
Yes absolutely! We can be a good fit for school districts, leagues, large clubs with national affiliate networks, and events. If you have any questions, just email [email protected] and we can start a conversation.
Any way to get a discount?
Yes! We give you two months free when paying annually. We also may provide discounts if you sign a multi-year contract.
Can I get a demo?
Absolutely! Coaches and business owners can schedule a demo. Please schedule one here. You can also watch a short comprehensive demo on our product demos page.

Why Rush Soccer Club loves ProductiveRecruit

Hear what our happy customers have to say

Josh Tyler

"ProductiveRecruit is the most user friendly recruiting platform that I have seen. The user experience and mobile friendly way our players can quickly sign up really puts it on a different level. Our Clubs and College Coaches that are recruiting Rush players have nothing but incredible feedback."

Josh Tyler
CAP Director / Rush Soccer Club
Sean Cochran

"The outstanding tools that ProductiveRecruit brings together include college search, checklists, team handouts, and player profiles that set it apart from all the other college recruiting platforms currently available."

Sean Cochran
Executive Director, Keystone FC
Billyle Alman

"ProductiveRecruit has been an amazing tool for our athletes. This service provides a smart and interactive tool that not only makes communication easy but challenges them to be as efficient as possible in their self-recruitment goals."

Billyle Alman
Coach, Michigan Tigers FC
Matt Miller

"ProductiveRecruit is an invaluable tool for our student-athletes who have aspirations of playing college soccer. The product is user friendly and the customer service is one of many items that sets them apart from other platforms!"

Matt Miller
Founder and CEO, Kics FC Chicago
Jason Braga

“ProductiveRecruit has been great for our club providing easy access to the tools that our players need for the college recruiting process. Its also a great tool for our team managers on those game day sidelines!”

Jason Braga
Vice President, NEFC
Reid Meyer

"The easy access to information about the schools and coaches is fantastic. The ability to communicate with our recruits, create workflows, and email coaches through the ProductiveRecruit platform is invaluable."

Marco Da Fonte
Founder, andGoSports
Matt Oswalt

“ProductiveRecruit has been a GREAT addition to our company! The easy access to connect with college coaches if you're an athlete or a high school coach is fantastic! Invaluable software to help the recruiting process that keeps getting better!”

Matt Oswalt
Founder, Scouting Report

"Great product! Helps me manage all of my clients in one place. It has replaced my spreadsheets and has streamlined the communication process for my athletes and parents."

Jason Bibler
Founder, Parallel Recruiting Initiative

"Colin has taken our feedback to help student-athletes through the college recruiting journey. He has turned ProductiveRecruit into a tool our guys are thrilled to leverage. We are proud to be a ProductiveRecruit partner and thrilled to introduce the platform to all our student-athletes we work with at the Bedford Agency."

Bryan Bedford
CEO, Bedford Agency