Profile Updates: Photo Gallery and Links

Colin McAtee

Written by Colin McAtee

May 16, 2023

Happy May! I've been hard at work improving the platform and a few features I had been asked about were:

  1. The ability to add photos to your online profile
  2. The ability to add external links to your online profile

Let's dive into how it works and why these two new features were added.

The Photo Gallery

Photos provide a visual representation of the athlete's physical attributes, such as height, weight, body composition, and overall physique. This information is crucial for coaches to assess whether the athlete has the desired physical traits for their particular sport and position.

Of course, this is more true for certain sports (like Football and Basketball). That being said, adding photos can be helpful for coaches of any sport in evaluating you as a student-athlete.

Follow the demo below to see how you can add your first photo!

Demo: add a photo to your online profile

The Links Section

This section is a great place for athletes to add external links to things like press articles, social media, etc.

While press articles can offer valuable information, coaches typically use them as one piece of the puzzle in evaluating athletes. They consider a wide range of factors, including direct observations, academic performance, coach recommendations, and interviews, to form a comprehensive assessment of an athlete's abilities, character, and fit within their program.

Follow the demo below to see how you can add your first link!

Demo: add a link to your online profile

I hope you enjoy adding photos and links to your profile. If you have any questions, comments or conerns about these features please get in touch.

Happy recruiting, Colin

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