Announcing ProductiveRecruit Version 3

Colin McAtee

Written by Colin McAtee

April 1, 2024


[Chicago, 04/01/2024]ProductiveRecruit, a cutting-edge software platform dedicated to the college recruiting process, is proud to announce the launch of ProductiveRecruit version 3! This update brings a host of new features and improvements to the platform, enhancing the college recruiting experience for athletes and teams.

What's New in ProductiveRecruit Version 3?

New athlete features include:

  • Profile Video Views: Athletes can now see how many times their videos has been viewed by college coaches (and other users).
  • Video tags: Athletes can now tag their videos, making it easier for coaches to find the content they're looking for.
  • Email Click Tracking: Athletes can see when a college coach has opened their email and clicked on any links, including their online profile.
  • Improved Search Functionality: Enhanced search capabilities make it easier for athletes to find colleges that match their preferences.
  • College favorite lists: Athletes can now create multiple favorite lists, making it easier to organize and track their favorite colleges.
  • Pinned notes: Athletes can now pin a specific not for a college program, making it easier to remember important details.
  • and more!

ProductiveRecruit version 3 athletes tab

New admin/team features include:

  • Unlimited spaces: Super admins can now create an unlimited number of spaces to organize their users and teams how they'd like. Only pay for the number of athletes you need.
  • Checklist attachments: You can now attach files to checklists, making it easier to provide additional information to your athletes.
  • Recommend colleges to your athletes: Admins can now recommend colleges to their athletes, making it easier to guide them through the recruiting process.
  • and more!

About ProductiveRecruit:

ProductiveRecruit is a premier college recruiting software designed to assist athletes and teams on their college recruiting journey. With various features, including college search, player profiles, checklists, and team brochures, ProductiveRecruit is the go-to platform for navigating the college recruiting process.

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